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Junior Golf

Beaver Hills Country Club 
2017 Junior Golf Program

Instruction Begins Friday, June 9th

Play Days Begin Wednesday, June 16th

Dear Junior Golfers And Parents,

Here at Beaver Hills, we are all anticipating another great season of junior golf and we sincerely hope you are all planning to participate in our program this year. There is a lot of fun packed into all the instruction and play days along with plans for a few exciting Sunday afternoon events. The program culminates with our Annual Jr. Club Championship on the morning of July 28th. Please take a minute to read through the material provided below and contact us with questions or to sign up. Its going to be a funtastic experience!


Weekly Instruction/Play Days

Fridays: June 9th to July 28th 

Ages 12-14
8:00 a.m.

Ages 9-11
9:15 a.m.

Ages 6-8
10:30 a.m.

[Our Junior Club Tournament Will Be Held On July 28th. We Will Meet At The Same Time On This Special Day When Everyone Takes Home A Trophy Or A Medal!]

Wednesdays: June 14th to July 26th

All age groups must arrive by 8am for Play Days

Special Event Sundays @ 4:00

Sunday, June 4th: Orientation & Etiquette Review

Sunday, July 9th: Parent-Child Event

Sunday, August 6th: Contest Day & Pizza Party

All Of Our Pro Shop Instructors (Along With Some Additional Help) Are Looking Forward To Another Season Of Education, Competition, And Fun!

Friday Sessions Last Approximately 60 Minutes:

15 minutes of registration & overview

30 minutes of group instruction & practice

15 minutes of simulated play on the range    


There will be no Junior Golf on Wednesday, June 21st due to the Annual Sturgis Falls Ladies Event and Wednesday, July 12th due to Ladies Event.

Cost For The Program:

Golf Members- $70
Non-Golf Members- $95

With so many juniors participating in our

Junior Golf Program, we need parents to volunteer

and help supervise our younger groups whenever possible.

About our Junior Golf Program

Our Junior Golf Program offers a unique blend of instruction and access to the golf course. Every Friday for our junior golfers have exclusive use of the driving range and putting green at Beaver Hills until noon. The kids also have a chance to play on the course on Wednesday mornings. Not all clubs allow their young golfers this privilege. If there are junior golfers who wish to play extra holes the back 9 is usually wide open for juniors before noon. Our program is a great way to introduce young golfers to a wonderful game; however, keep in mind group lessons are not a substitute for practice and repetition. If you have high expectations for your children then you must get them out more than once a week. Our goal is simple: a little bit of instruction and a lot of fun!


Q:  How old does my son or daughter need to be to participate?

A:  Six years old. They must be strong enough to swing a club and be able to understand the concept of playing golf on the course. If we feel they are not ready we may ask the parents to wait another year or two.

Q:  Do you have to adhere to the assigned times for the age groups?

A:  We understand there may be conflicts; however, big differences in skill levels can sometimes create a problem on the course so we prefer juniors to participate at their scheduled time.

Q:  Do you have clubs available for juniors who don't have their own?

A:  We do have a limited number of sets as well as some loose clubs available. However, we recommend parents consider investing in a set of clubs or having old clubs cut to the proper length. Clubs that are too short or too long can definitely hinder a child's performance.

Q:  Will there be supervision provided at all times and for all ages?

A:   We absolutely need help from parents, particularly for the youngest group of golfers. The Pro Shop Staff will make routine checks on groups out on the golf course, but we are limited in our ability to supervise all juniors all morning. We feel children should be able to handle themselves on the course with no supervision by 10 or 11 years of age.

Q:  Will my son or daughter receive enough individualized instruction?

A:  We are limited in our ability to provide an ideal teacher/student ratio. Each week we provide group instruction followed by some individual attention. Our numbers are large so group instruction is a reality for our program. If you prefer more one-on-one attention additional private lessons might be an option.

Q:  Why is there an additional charge for Non-Golf Members?

A:  Typically the golf course itself is a privilege reserved for golf members only; however, we don't want to exclude future golfers from our program. Thus, it is a compromise to encourage our Social-Pool members to consider a full golf membership.

Q:  Can my child be paired with their friends?

A:  We will do our best to satisfy some special requests but parents should encourage their children to play with different groups of golfers when possible. We split the groups into boys and girls and then into threesomes or foursomes before they go out to play.

Q:  And finally, are carts available on Junior Golf Fridays?

A:  No, kids are easily distracted by the notion of a free ride on a cart. It is our opinion that motorized golf carts and junior golf don't mix!